Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am not a fat girl, but...

I am working on getting into healthier, better shape. And I do not even see the most remote chance that I would ever be interested in a man who has this in his profile. Why he is has viewed me more than once I have no idea. But I will never speak to him. On behalf of all of us fat girls. Even if I get - no, especially if I get into killer shape.

"I like a woman who is in shape and is sexy and confident, I prefer slender athletic tone if u avetrage that fine but be average please dont waste our time. 
Please ladies place a full body photo on your page. I will not consider anyone who states average then only has facial photos. Ladies here's the cold hard fact those that only place a face photo are fat fat fat you not average so don't waste my time"
I am sure it is not my most mature moment, but I messaged him and told him that he is the most shallow man I have come across in six months online. I know that he won't care, but it felt good. He should probably know that his grammar might even be less appealing than if he had been "fat."


  1. I read this and was so pissed off with this man, I couldn't think straight. It's like, you get so hopeful that people can actually act as though they were created by God and not that they evolved from monkeys. And then you meet a man like this and you second guess intelligent design for a second because if we are all created in the likeness of God then where did this neanderthal come from? I honestly pray he falls deeply in love with a gorgeous woman who is kind, brilliant and funny. And who he would have previously considered "fat" so that he learns what a shallow pig he once was. That would be great irony, and just like God to orchestrate something so brilliant and funny.

    1. Your response was so perfect. And kinder than I expected. So you help restore that faith in humanity. xo